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Saturday, June 24, 2017

Name change from "Hexcalk" to "Totalist".

See you later, Hexcalk...

Hi, I'm back! The reason why I was absent from most of March to June 2017 was because I suddenly became so lazy by watching too many YouTube videos and listening to too much music. Thankfully, I was able to start a new map in the wake of this semi-hiatus. This is known as "hc4". I'm tired of being associated with "anti-authoritarian" and "psychedelic" because my Quake works are never that. Sure you could argue that hc2 and hc3 are such because they seem so "anti-authoritarian" to you, but in fact they were only vaguely anti-authoritarian in the sense that only their titles, "Baneful Politic Comply" and "surveylLance ztatement" respectively, express those things. The maps themselves, when you play them, look nothing like it. There is no such thing as a medieval green-brick castle being representative of anti-authoritarianism, nor a tp-industrial-textured base being the same thing. To call me and my works "anti-authoritarian" is nonsensical because everything in them have nothing to do with anti-authoritarianism outside of their titles. And don't bring up calling me and my Quake maps "psychedelic" because that's not what I'm doing with my works.

I changed my name from "Hexcalk" to "Totalist" for this reason. Don't worry, I'll still use the name "Hexcalk" for my Quake maps because I felt I needed to improve the reputation of the "Hexcalk" name so that it doesn't get associated with problematic inconsistent maps such as my own one, "Peripheral Fundament". I was actually gonna release a fixed update of hc0 but that was shelved.

"Hexcalk" was conceived because I thought it was a cool mathematics-related name for me. "Hexadecimal"+"Calculator"=Hexadecimal Calculator. For casual Quake players, they'll ask "what is this?" since they have a difficult time finding out what relationship it has with Quake; in truth, that is unrelated to the game in that mathematics is not Quake's main priority.

"Totalist" was conceived because I wanted something more correlated to Quake's main priority: crazy old-school FPS fun. My theory that "Quake is an psychedelic anti-authoritarian FPS" is false. Authorities still have something to do with Quake however.

So yes, now I'm "Totalist".

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