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Saturday, February 25, 2017

hc3; Quake: surveylLance ztateMent

This is surveylLance ztateMent, hexcalk's latest Quake map. Yes, it does contain sock's tp-industrial texture wad, but the gameplay is harder than ever. The violence presented here is generally considered by me to be more varied than previous hc works, so there's a mixture of normal close-quarters combat with dense large-room enemy/monster encounters. Ammo and health is tight (especially on Hard and Nightmare skill), so good luck! And by the way, the aesthetics and architecture are unique.

No screenshot is on this blog post because it was impossible to take one...

...except not.

An alternative version of this map with some color-changed ceilings, surveylLance ztateMent yelow, is also available. The was updated 1 hour after its release to include the vised version of original surveylLance level. Around less than one day following the update, I altered it further to create surveylLance ztateMent Extend. Then less than 1 week afterward I made surveylLance ztateMent Extend Slight, yet another iteration of hc3.

Quaketastic download:
surveylLance ztateMent yelow:
surveylLance ztateMent Extend:
surveylLance ztateMent Extend Slight:
Quaddicted archive download (hc3):
Quaddicted archive download (hc3yelow):

Screenshot of surveylLance ztateMent (hc3) in WinQuake.

Friday, February 24, 2017

hc3test; Quake: surveylLance ztateMent beta

This is it folks. Sort of. It's surveylLance ztateMent, currently at beta. hc3 uses sock's tp-industrial.wad and is unique looking. The map requires beta-testing to be released in full form, and once dealt with, can ultimately be 100% complete. I hope you like it.

Quaketastic download:

No screenshot this time around, because I found it difficult to do so here in this version with the crazy hordes.

Monday, February 20, 2017

My commentary on Cobra's/Prepare for Change's "MAKE THIS VIRAL! ETHERIC LIBERATION 2017-2-26"

I'm hexcalk. Not a new Quake map or song by me yet, but an article on the Cobra-associated Prepare for Change spiritual website had a title encouraging to spread it to a wide internet audience: "MAKE THIS VIRAL! ETHERIC LIBERATION 2017-2-26". This article is okay, but Cobra, a dark organization, is in my point of view not part of the light. It is stupid to think the Cobra group is against the Cabal, since they're collaborating with each other and I can't forgive both for their actions on Earth. Sanat Kumara is just as bad as the Devil, so I am distancing myself from him and his Hierarchy regime because for millions of years they are a threat to humanity.

In Earth's entertainment industry, we hear of an fake antagonist that goes against mankind (bonus points if anyone remembers them). The anime Neon Genesis Evangelion has angels that every now and then attack pilots of large robots known as "evangelions". The shooter video game Quake stars a nameless, speechless protagonist fighting monsters of Shub-Niggurath, a fictional Lovecraftian deity attempting to destroy humanity. Industrial rock band Nine Inch Nails' The Downward Spiral album is about a person who basically destroys himself. But Kumara and his allies are the true threat, not those characters coming of those media-generated stories, and the entertainment seen here on this planet in general tends to avoid depicting Kumara and Hierarchy because the CIA who controls the industry are aligned with both. The ruling elite are against deities, a fact they refuse to disclose.

Even then, I don't subscribe to the belief systems in this world in general. I used to be a Christian (my parents on Earth are still Christians), but drove myself out most of it because I found (and now currently believe in) deities that actually are reliable and exist. Hikari Kiwamuru is the universe goddess. Misaki is the Central Sun goddess. Saotome is the Earth goddess. Tamako is the Sun goddess. Esther is a goddess and a heavenly empress of the solar system. A bunch of them including these 5 deities are actually (currently) teenage female gods. Cobra refuses to disclose these deities' names, visual appearances, and even voices, because Cobra are against so many (especially modern) gods unfortunately, for that the people who created the Hierarchy unsuccessfully rebelled against the heavenly world hundreds of millions of years ago. Well, possible, but not enough to stop Prepare for Change while pretending to like gods go on to publish an article about the goddess Isis, who is dead since so long ago.

Here are 2 more goddess names. Ooinaru (outer space goddess, was 14 years old in 2013), Uruwashiki (outer space goddess, was 8 years old in 2015). That's it, but the full names are "Ooinaru-hikarinomikoto-sama" and "Uruwashiki-hikarino-himemiko", respectively.

I made a custom map for Quake in 2017 named "implo1t dys3ngage" and included a text file in the .zip folder the map was packaged in ( The text file concluded with this:

"Well yes, I believe in these "Japanese/Nihongo" gods/goddesses. I do read Hotsuma Tsutae (which according to ancient times was written by Iyotsuhikonomikoto-sama) and I enjoy a "spiritual information"/"conspiracy theory" blog known as Shanti Phula. It is cool that they exist, but whoever is a god/goddess of any cosmic object (star/planet/moon/sun/galaxy/star system/cluster/etc.) changes every now and then. Most of the current ones are generally young (Hikari and Saotome were 12 and 10 respectively in 2013, and Esther and Misaki were 16 in 2016). I believe in collabration with benevolent aliens they're bringing about a future peaceful universe, and the secret government responsible for controlling Earth politically for many years (known as the "Hierarchy") is being dismantled in the process. Some people like them, and some people don't. I hope the unbruised universe will be great. Keep it up deities! ;)

...And yes, the divine DO exist."

After its release, this happened (to quote (and slightly paraphrase) from my post in a thread for "implo1t dys3ngage" at func_msgboard, a video game-related community and forum):

"Hi again, I'm clarifying my previous post in this thread. Esther told me that mukor and czg were teleported (or terrafused) to an extraterrestrial planet to meet with aliens and deities because they actually read the epilogue of the hc1 readme, in which I thanked goddesses such as Hikari, Esther, Misaki, and Saotome for purifying the universe so that truth and love are encouraged to be the norm. The epilogue (particularly the note at the end) was a statement of possible truth regarding Earth and the universe, so this encounter was meaningful. They were moved back to Earth after the meeting.

The CIA tried to infect my laptop with malware in response to the text file's information on deities and aliens, but ultimately this action was stopped because the CIA felt forced by the divine beings and good ETs to prepare a great disclosure.

Hikari is the universe." - me, about mukor and czg's experience with aliens.

hexcalk, mukor, czg, and onetruepurple are Quake map authors. onetruepurple stated that the process of moving to another planet is called "terrafusion". Terrafusion can be used, given the quality of custom Quake maps is well enough to appease these "Outer Gods". I think early in 2017 fakes and clones of deities such as Esther were apparently attacking me, but hopefully this problem will be eliminated by the end of 2030. Was the "Esther" that told me this a clone, a fake, or a true deity?

I have a gaming desktop PC with a 4.0 GHz intel Core i7-6700k cpu and a Nvidia Geforce GTX 960 graphics card. I do use it, but not when I'm using the World Wide Web. I use a laptop for the internet. Granted this information, I game primarily offline.

The term "conspiracy theory" is flawed, as many people who use it are negative toward people associated with it such as radio host Alex Jones and his Infowars website's staff. I can replace the term with "truth", since the future has lots of honest information. Shanti Phula discloses information about deities, which I'm pleased to know. Infowars is verbally attacked by the Mainstream Media for being a trustworthy source of accurate info, yet so many people like it (myself included).
Biblioteca Pléyades is a self-described "library of suppressed knowledge". And so many other websites now are listed by Prop or Not and other irritating "fake news" lists for being negative about the elite.

So about the article anyway... It's about this point which is summarized in a sentence: "Path of totality of our Solar eclipse actually touches Congo." Which, if done right, coupled with a positive healing meditation, could decimate the effects of the 1996 Archon invasion of Earth that happened 11 days (January 11, 1996) before I was born. Of course it existed, but it occured longer than that and started before 1996 (specifically during late 1995). Archon is a name for a group of negative beings (dark ET) that were wiped out during Reformation of Earth (2010-ongoing), which was related to the Reformation of Heavenly World (2007-apparently 2015). A war is going on in the Congo area of Africa since the Cold War of the 20th century, and hopefully the 2017 cataclysms on this star named "Earth" may end it.

I used to be part of darkness (am I still part of it?) and apparently served Kumara, but I've planned to relocate my service to Esther. I'm still somehow materialist, but it's nice and refreshing to be spiritual every now and then. So let's be calm during the liberation of Earth and recognize that they all exist.