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Sunday, January 22, 2017

hc1; Quake: implo1t dys3ngage

Konichiwa, welcome to "implo1t dys3ngage", a custom Quake map centered around a Shinto shrine in Japan/Nihon. Compared to and contrasted with previous hexcalk works, hc1 is more difficult with more tight-quarters combat than ever before, though there is an outdoor section with at least 4 knights. It is optimized though, with ammo, weapons, and monsters balanced for progression.

I'm fascinated by the fact that the timing between the hc1beta release and implo1t dys3ngage's debut is less than 12 hours. To make things crazier, this map's release date is my 21st birthday. Happy birthday, me! :p'

Please note that I reuploaded this twice, so I had to ensure it wasn't a beta anymore by correcting issues (namely the message "implo1t dys3ngage beta" became "implo1t dys3ngage" and health (non-megahealth) from the gold key room moved into the area around the pyramid). As a result, the image of hc1 is one taken within the time before and after the first upload and before the second one.

I also have implo1t dys3ngage Extend (hc1extnd), a 3-map compilation of alternative versions of this map.

Bugfixes even exist for hc1 and hc1extnd. The glitch-free versions are in the hc1bugfix patch. The hc1extnd bugfix is the source for the next iteration of hc1: "implo1t dys3ngage Extend Again".

Quaketastic download:
hc1extnd download:
hc1bugfix download:
hc1extndagain download:

Screenshot of "implo1t dys3ngage" (hc1) in WinQuake.
Alternative Quaddicted downloads:
Quaddicted user reviews (with hc1extndagain download):

Saturday, January 21, 2017

hc1beta; Quake: "implo1t dys3ngage" beta

I think beta-testing is needed for this upcoming level named "implo1t dys3ngage". The Japanese-themed Quake custom map with Daikatana textures (and one ikbaseq3 skybox) is up at Quaketastic.

Quaketastic download:

Don't forget this screenshot!:
Screenshot of "implo1t d ys3ngage beta" (hc1beta) in WinQuake.

Friday, January 13, 2017

hc2; Quake: Baneful Politic Comply

Here is "Baneful Politic Comply", my third Quake singleplayer map. It is the result of me learning how to get better at level design. A small area, it is influenced by e1m2 (Castle of the Damned), and features curved walls and spiky ceilings prominently.

Quaketastic download link:

Screenshot of "Baneful Politic Comply" (hc2) in WinQuake.
Article at Quake Gate (Russian) about hc2 with download:
Quaddicted singleplayer index download:
Quaddicted page:

Thursday, January 5, 2017

song1: "Skecz"

I have recently distributed a chiptune song named "Skecz". It was created using FamiTracker (FT) with the VRC7 audio chip and is my last released material for FT. Since 2016, I moved to (and am still using) Adlib Tracker II. Enjoy the YouTube music video:


Wednesday, January 4, 2017

neg2betahc: ethycs0fL3gaci

Yes, a single-player version of a scrapped negke deathmatch map named "neg!ke #2" (neg2beta), courtesy of Hexcalk myself. It took less than one week to complete. Initially planned for release after hc2, but due to how so much fun it is the map is out before hc2 (still in development)! =) Not much else to say on this matter.

Quaketastic download link:

Screenshot of ethycs0fL3gaci (neg2betahc) running in WinQuake.
It is also available on Quake Gate (Russian):

...And at Quaddicted's singleplayer archive: