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Saturday, December 10, 2016

hc0: Quake; Peripheral Fundament

"Peripheral Fundament" is a small/medium idbase map with some non-idbase (metal/medieval/wizard) sections. It is difficult, with plenty of enemies in both open and cramped spaces. There are ammo and health supplies though.

march7,2017update: I'll now have to admit it that I lied in the first paragraph you see here in the "hc0" blog post. It is not hard the map actually, but I said "difficult" because on hard I was struggling to cope with the hordes. My Quake maps overall have a mixed reception as of March 7, 2017 (except for the obscure neg2betahc and maybe hc3), but time will tell as I will make a proper "great" map.

Download it from Quaketastic:

Screenshot of "Peripheral Fundament" (hc0) running on QuakeSpasm.
It is also available at Quaddicted's singleplayer archive:

...And at the "Maps" page of Quaddicted: