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Friday, March 31, 2017

Sock apparently did not die, the image lies.

hexcalk here. Unfortunately I am not proud to announce this: Simon "sock" O'Callaghan died in circa mid-late February 2017. He was judged by the central sun after he passed away.

Nah, just kidding, I lied. The deities told me this information was not true, so I striked it out.

I received information about this following the death of banker David Rockefeller on March 20, 2017. To hear of sock's death subsequent to Rockefeller's is rather too late, because I wasn't aware of the central sun's Final Judgment actions until when the announcement of the latter's death happened. I the author of this article, here, do not care about a banker's death. I am focusing on what appears to be a Quake map author's final moment as a human on Earth. Most announcements of deaths seem to be about mostly non-video game-related beings, some of them being corporates, Cabal, and Illuminati. But why do most of the spirituality community don't pay attention to material matters such as video games? Because they view it as less impacting than spiritual evolution itself. But yet people such as me do care about both spirituality and video games. They, along with me, also are interested in music (Nine Inch Nails is good), art, and architecture. I even like anime and manga (Neon Genesis Evangelion is great).

Please note, that received I confirmation from deities that Misaki Takakunoboru is the Central Sun goddess. So Misaki is "Wo" the central sun (CS, not Counter-Strike) of the universe and the Central Great Mountain emperor. I thought the CS of the universe was Messier 81, but I was wrong, and it's not Hikari Kiwamuru either. So the Milky Way's the center of the universe, I guess. If this information is 100% correct, then the celestial library thinks so. I already told you this "central sun=Misaki" fact, but it's already true even before I said this.

Anyways, let's get to the point. sock, as you all know, was a excellent Quake map author. He did work on custom Quake textures, then went on to make levels for the 2000s Wolfenstein games and Crysis: Warhead before receiving widespread critical and popular success in this decade (the 2010s) with Quake-related things such as the stealth mod In The Shadows, "Midnight Stalker", "The Horde of Zendar", the Honey Map Jam, Retro Jam 1's "Fallen from Grace", and his largest work, the modern Quake mod Arcane Dimensions (AD). There's too much great stuff by him to list, so it's best to say that he was very great, influential, and successful.

A group of deities assuming false names of Misaki, Hikari, Sanat Kumara, etc. incorrectly claimed that after February 20, 2017, sock's life ended. Then apparently he moved out of earth and into the central sun Misaki. According to this, he was sent there because he wasn't aware enough of the reality of the universe (e. g. Hikari Kiwamuru is the universe goddess). For this reason, she allegedly gave him the choice of reincarnation, and he did "reincarnate". Even then, I don't exactly know where he reincarnated. I was given a clue that he was starting another life in the United Kingdom (UK), but that's it.

His latest map was the Egyptian-themed "Nyarlathotep's Sand Castle" for AD 1.5. It was to be included in the Retro Jam 6 map pack (which was Egyptian-themed of course!), but after the deadline expired he turned it into an AD level. His last func_msgboard log-in so far was dated "2017-02-20 16:14:22". I don't know what he is doing now, nor his current condition. Is he dead or not dead?

I stated that "If whatever part of this whole page of information turns out to be false, then let me know." Actually, in response, the true goddesses gave me information that the false deities were destroyed because the liars wanted to attack me for simply disclosing the truth. A government agency (maybe the CIA) in collaboration with Microsoft attempted to steal some of my files before this blog post was made, for the same reason.

update: Sock is still alive. Proof: On March 30/31, 2017, he pinned a tweet he made on March 10, 2017.

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