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Tuesday, March 7, 2017

March 7, 2017 update to "My commentary on Cobra's/Prepare for Change's "MAKE THIS VIRAL! ETHERIC LIBERATION 2017-2-26"

"My commentary on Cobra's/Prepare for Change's "MAKE THIS VIRAL! ETHERIC LIBERATION 2017-2-26" was published on February 20, 2017 at 2:49 AM Pacific Standard Time. However Prepare for Change didn't allow my comment to appear in the "thoughts" section of the "MAKE THIS VIRAL!" page until after I published it. I didn't comment much in there because I thought they wouldn't make it public, when in fact they were going to do so, then I e-mailed to Shanti Phula to share the "MAKE THIS VIRAL!" article linked and mentioned in the "commentary" blog post. Shanti Phula did reply, but before doing the sharing thing through an article, they made an article partially about "healing computers" apparently in response to the fact that I used a gaming PC. They didn't hate anything, they actually did something acceptable. The inclusion of healing computer information was acceptable. Shanti Phula didn't share "MAKE THIS VIRAL!" until during an article posted on March 5, 2017 (Japanese). I hope it's translated so that it can be read in the English version of the blog: "Shanti Phula's Blog".

march11,2017update: Finally, today, the translation of that March 5, 2017 article is here:

However, a couple weeks after the making of "My commentary", I read a comment on that page from someone known as joachim. He stated that I was too closed minded when I made this commentary. On February 20, I was that "closed minded" because my spirituality is young. In 2014 I came into contact with deities first in that year because by then I was imagining silly anime cosmic goddess/human-girl battle/encounter fantasies; plenty of them were either frilly-dressed/fully-clothed (Madoka Magica and Touhou Project) or sexualized (Neptunia) or both, and the most exciting of them were sexy goddesses (Neptunia-like) destroying planets, stars, galaxies, and even universes. I have become less perverted as time goes by, but since then various deities have met and talked to me, and I've seen them. I don't much fantasizing as much I used to, because I realized that the goddesses (especially Esther and Hikari Kiwamuru) are actually nice, reliable, and honest. All of them are fully-clothed. Now I am planning on becoming a fully-clothed creator goddess with a kimono, so starting from March 27, 2017 (which is a possible ascension date), I'll attempt to embrace and actualize that plan after my gender changes from male to female. I'm not sure if I can ascend properly on the date, but if I can't on that day, then I'll do it on a later date, which means that the realization of me becoming a goddess can be postponed.

Okay, Cobra/Prepare for Change did disclose some info about deities (they did mention "Goddess"), but not much full names and clearly visible sharp portraits of the divine beings are revealed as something like referring to Misaki as the "central sun". The Event actually started on Janaury 12, 2017 with the beginning of her galactic superwave. In the same year, Saotome is predicted to do so many Earth Changes. Yes, and lots of light from great holy entities such as Misaki and Hikari entered Earth on February 26 successfully. Mentioning of a Creator can be improved, for that full names, visual appearances, and voices can be given. I edited this article with the strikethrough thing on March 8, 2017 because it turns out that visual appearances were already disclosed, it's just that the Hierarchy's vast plethora of agencies refuse to publish most photos, videos, and audio samples of deities. The holy beings can appear in both visible and invisible forms. joachim said this:

"You may wish to Re-Examine your Own Faith in whatever Belief you happen to have, For Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen."

I think I might consider the time to do that to be possible. I do have attention span and critical discernment, but to me attention span is more frequent than critical discernment since I use attention to understand comprehensively whatever's going on.

Of course the part when I said that Cobra refused to disclose information about deities was actually an argument, because it was close to the truth, but not exact. In fact, not only Cobra but Chimera and the rest of the Hierarchy (especially in general) have a tendency to keep secret information about only deities who oppose them, not all deities. The reason why this secrecy happened is this: Since they wanted to retaliate against the universe for causing changes to the reincarnation system for gods and goddesses, they are against deities who are working to abolish said Hierarchy. Note here, the reincarnation system was criticized negatively by beings who would later rebel against the universe deity because in the words of goddess Sumiwataru, "they disliked the heavy vibration of Earth".

So did I make this viral? I struggled to do so, but I barely ended up making a small portion of it viral (the solar eclipse in Congo part). In his comment, joachim suggested that I "make this viral" and gave me a link to a YouTube playlist containing a video named "Revealing God's Treasure", which has something to do with Noah's Ark. I accepted the video's existence because I was a Christian back in the early 2010s. Well okay, I understand joachim's comment in that way. Thanks joachim for the helpful reply!

extra+note: The main author of Shanti Phula is Masatoshi Takeshita, who wrote the March 5, 2017 article linked in this page probably in response to the moment he received my email.

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