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Saturday, February 25, 2017

hc3; Quake: surveylLance ztateMent

This is surveylLance ztateMent, hexcalk's latest Quake map. Yes, it does contain sock's tp-industrial texture wad, but the gameplay is harder than ever. The violence presented here is generally considered by me to be more varied than previous hc works, so there's a mixture of normal close-quarters combat with dense large-room enemy/monster encounters. Ammo and health is tight (especially on Hard and Nightmare skill), so good luck! And by the way, the aesthetics and architecture are unique.

No screenshot is on this blog post because it was impossible to take one...

...except not.

An alternative version of this map with some color-changed ceilings, surveylLance ztateMent yelow, is also available. The was updated 1 hour after its release to include the vised version of original surveylLance level. Around less than one day following the update, I altered it further to create surveylLance ztateMent Extend. Then less than 1 week afterward I made surveylLance ztateMent Extend Slight, yet another iteration of hc3.

Quaketastic download:
surveylLance ztateMent yelow:
surveylLance ztateMent Extend:
surveylLance ztateMent Extend Slight:
Quaddicted archive download (hc3):
Quaddicted archive download (hc3yelow):

Screenshot of surveylLance ztateMent (hc3) in WinQuake.

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