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Saturday, June 24, 2017

Spiritual stuff (June 27, 2017)

If you're a spiritual person like me, you've seen this goddess image.
Nothing about video games and music in this post, so who cares? Anyone?... Wait a minute, does it mention Qua... Ah, nevermind.

I'm looking forward to building my own paradise, but how's that possible when deities like Utsukushiki, Misaki, Saotome, Hikari Kiwamuru, Esther, Nakanishi, Fukaki and Takaki are doing this "building a paradise on Earth" thing selflessly? I'm not a fan of Earth since its history was plagued with issues. My ultimate reception here is mixed, but that does not mean ignorance of its virtues. Actually, I'm not trying to be ignorant as I was in my early years. Yeah, the Earth goddesses (Earth, Saotome, whoever owned the planet as a goshintai, historically, currently, and in the future) love creation, and that's fun.

I am planning to become a creator goddess. Most of my cosmos are gonna be something along the lines of "Ancient Japanese/Nihongo", you know. Japan/Nihon was the heavenliest place on Earth back in the good old days, that's traditional for one thing: I believe the heavenly world was like that in the beginning. This one I'll become in the near-future is cool because she is loves Japanese/Nihongo stuff and she adores Hotsuma Tsutae and Shinto. She is obedient to such ancient East Asian standards and tropes due to it being like the heavenly world in its early years. Her name is Hikaru Reiko, and SHE APPEARS TO BE 16 YEARS OLD ALL THE TIME, which is great!

The new pure-hearted system thinks that something like India is more pure than that because that US-occupied island nation's struggled to keep up with its sociopolitical side and identity compared to that Hindu-loving subcontinent. I'm not interested in India in general; for example the term "Linga Sarira" is annoying to me because due to its foreign non-Japanese origins it's less obvious what it means in contrast to "subtle body". The ancient Japanese/Nihongo peoples didn't use the Hindu term a lot.

And that new system too... It's more like reinforced than recently invented because the old days had something like that system. I don't hate it and/or oppose it, it's just that it needs more Japanese/Nihongo people like Amaterasu for instance.

Healing and creation are like awesome toys; once you do something positive like that, you get used to it for fun. However, to me creation was basically the point of the heavenly world. When the god/goddess Amenominakanushi created it, it was about creation, period. He/she is perfect because of that reason. And then evil forces such as the Kumara/Lucifer-led Hierarchy (aka "Lucifer and the Army of Darkness") made people turn away from birth and creation and into death and destruction and thus the good beings including Esther resorted to healing because that was needed to stop evil from infecting the heavenly world. As a result, not many people created cosmic objects as much as they healed stuff, which wasn't it's original intent and purpose... or at least in my point of view that's the case. This same thing can be applied to Earth.

This is how the old humanity on Earth was splintered, some of the most complaining ones say that Earth is broken because there's too many issues in it. Some of the worst earthlings waged stupid star wars against celestial locations including the Pleiades for example. Actually, most of the new humanity view that as too narrow-minded since most of the flaws apply to the 3rd dimension. Sirius A faced the same criticism, but that's not as important as Earth. People supporting the 2017-2030 era of this world won't get along well with the "idiots" by reacting with disagreement over their sentiments of intense anger. Beings including Sumiwataru know this will appear starting this year (2017), but after 2030 it feels like that was a dying vocal minority all along.

So now I want to create my own paradises, because I didn't want a history as bad as Earth's where too many conspiracies and changes to list made it look like not what it was anymore. And keep in mind that Earth is a diversity-oriented place. At best it could've spawned a bunch of great creator deities, but unfortunately it seems like until recently, that was difficult to exist if not impossible; had it stayed very true to its original intents and purposes, then it would've been easier to happen. Most of the people coming from it will be healing-inspired like Arcturians. No insult intended.

So yeah, since too many debates about Earth exist, I think it is best to not have an obnoxious opinion about it. I hope and wish that the heavenly world be more creative after I become Hikaru Reiko.

This article/blog post was initially gonna appear as a comment on Shanti Phula's "Heavenly Message 32", but that was never approved within 24 hours from the early hours of June 24, 2017, so yes, I had to take it to (and expand it on) here for preservation.


  1. Please be aware that despite the date and time shown here being "3:18 AM, Saturday, June 24, 2017", "Spiritual stuff (June 27, 2017)" was not posted until "circa 4:00-4:10 AM, Tuesday, June 27, 2017" (the June 27, 2017 part is obvious, dude).

    1. By the way, Lucifer (Sanat Kumara) was executed on June 1, 2017. FINALLY, AT LAST, THE WORST EVIL EVER IS DEAD! That was his final appearance ever as an important being in the universe, period! Anyone who believes in Kumara/Lucifer and/or Matreiya/Satan is an misanthropic jerkhead garbageman idiot hating aliens and deities!